About me

I'm a mom, photographer, birth enthusiast, ex videogame developer, and I do krav maga. I know, it's a weird mix, but that's the way I've always been. Each of my interests are weaved together in a colorful tapestry of my wonderful little lif...  Okay seriously, did i just write that? Ugh. Full disclosure, I am not a fan of writing about myself. It's weird. It's like "look at me! I know what I'm doing! Hire me to photograph one of the most intimate moments of your life! I'm not crazy, I promise!" Yeah, "About Me" sections will never stop being weird to write.

"Hire me to photograph one of the most intimate moments of your life. I'm not crazy, I promise!"

Heres a better attempt...

You're reading this because you're interested in my work. You know what's awesome? I am too! I love it, like, genuinely love it. It's a passion of mine. The birth of my first child caused me to change my entire business to specialize in it. I realized that all I wanted to focus on was the amazing moment when a family is made.

It's such a simple concept, the birth of a baby, but the reality is far from simple. The amount of chemistry, emotion, and love that takes place when a baby is born is almost overwhelming, and all of it takes place in one brief moment. It can't be re-lived. It can't be faked. For me, having a baby was the most defining moment of my life. This is coming from a woman who defies labels. I don't defy being a mother and loving the process of birth. It's my favorite thing about myself. I embrace it. 

I like to pride myself on the fact that I've never had a client I didn't love. I have gained such an understanding, yet am constantly amazed by each woman's experience. I can't think of a better way to express that understanding than by telling each unique birth story through imagery.

Thanks for reading!