Dallas/Ft Worth Birth Phographer | I missed one!

Last year, in late summer, I missed my first missed birth! When you're fighting rush hour traffic with 3 major jams and a mama who goes from water break, to complete, to baby, in somewhere around an hour, there's not much you can do. It was bound to happen at some point. The thing that helped was when the mom, who also photographs birth, told me that the first birth she missed was also when she was photographing another birth photographer. What are the odds?!

Luckily, I got some wonderful shots of the baby breastfeeding. The mom told me that big brother would be meeting baby sister the next day, so I took the opportunity to come back to capture these moments. This was super rewarding. Big brother came dressed in his special shirt with a stuffed bunny as a present. He hung and ate snacks, while being adorable, as always.

Dallas/Ft Worth Birth Phographer | The Birth Of Grayson

In order to catch up from where I left off on my blog, I'm posting some beaut's from this birth I shot a little under a year ago. Even as I type this, it doesn't feel like it's been that long. The thing that resonates with me about this one, was the moment this lil fella was born, the mother was completely in awe that, 1. There was a baby! and 2. THERE was a BABY! I love when this happens. First timers have the best reactions when their firstborn gets placed in their arms. It is this infectious, adorable, disbelief that keeps me coming back for more.

A Lesson In Accountability

I’ve decided to push myself and work on the weaknesses in my business. This blog has been one of my big-time weaknesses. I am the type of person who is often reflecting on the things I need to work on to improve myself and this has been a serious struggle. I’ve put it on the back burner of the back burner numerous times. So, to really focus on this issue, I’ve assigned a fellow birth photog to call me on my crap. I set a schedule and I’m going to stick to it, because it’s not just on me, I have someone counting on me to follow through. Usually, this is the key. I’m not one to let a homie down. So, here’s to this blog becoming something “real” and a part of my process. I hope to make this a habit, and not a chore.

My goal is to also post a bunch of work as a sort of catch up. So, my next post will basically be starting from the last post I made and getting a bunch of past work up here, until I catch up to the current work.