A Lesson In Accountability

I’ve decided to push myself and work on the weaknesses in my business. This blog has been one of my big-time weaknesses. I am the type of person who is often reflecting on the things I need to work on to improve myself and this has been a serious struggle. I’ve put it on the back burner of the back burner numerous times. So, to really focus on this issue, I’ve assigned a fellow birth photog to call me on my crap. I set a schedule and I’m going to stick to it, because it’s not just on me, I have someone counting on me to follow through. Usually, this is the key. I’m not one to let a homie down. So, here’s to this blog becoming something “real” and a part of my process. I hope to make this a habit, and not a chore.

My goal is to also post a bunch of work as a sort of catch up. So, my next post will basically be starting from the last post I made and getting a bunch of past work up here, until I catch up to the current work.