A super fast VBAC that was almost a car baby.

This birth happened in about a 3 hour window. I reached my clients home after word of things picking up dramatically, sometime around 11 am.

I walked in to the mom on all fours, laboring hard, moaning hard, and obviously in active labor, so much that I consulted with the doula, who agreed, that she was definitely close to transition. There was that imminent birth energy in the room, so I made the executive decision to ride in the car with the client, to the hospital. I normally wouldn't do this, but my gut was telling me that if I didn't I might miss the whole shebang. The doula was awesome and agreed to give me a ride back to their home after all was said and done.

It was a tense 30-45 minute ride, and I'm positive the mama transitioned in the car, about half way there.
We got checked into triage (kind of), the OB showed up, and within minutes, the baby was crowning.  This little guy came FAST.

He latched on to his mama as soon as he was done getting weighed and measured and did NOT come off for anybody, except dad. He disconnected for a few minutes, just long enough to snap a few shots of the two of them together.

The thing I love about fast births, is that all the awesomeness is compressed into a small window of time. The intensity doesn't ebb and flow. It's all flow; a powerful, intense, exhilarating, flow of a beautiful birth.  

Until next time,

Bailey Nicole Photography