The Birth Of Jace | Sneak Peek

This little bundle came on Thanksgiving Day! I was so surprised the day before, when the mother had txt'd me to let me know the induction would be starting. It was two weeks prior to the due date and I was hanging out with my husband having some coffee. No one knows this, but I try to find the most obnoxious sounding txt tone to set on my expecting mama's, so that I can make sure I don't miss them. My most recent one is the iphone horn sound. So, when a baby is being born, it sounds like a clown just rode in on a unicycle. It's highly effective, and in my eyes, hilariously ironic. I heard the horn and somehow knew that there would be a Thanksgiving Day baby. One of my favorite moments during this birth was after little Jace was born and his dad Jordan said something to the effect of "I'm feeling so many things right now that I cant even explain." I know that feeling; the hurricane of emotions that come along with seeing and holding your child for the first time. For most dads, I know the first big connection comes at that moment. All the sudden its one of the most vivid and real moments of your life.

I've started to notice recently, after having more births under my belt, is that right after a woman delivers her baby, it's one of two head motions. It's either that the head stays forward and looks at her baby in utter disbelief and amazement or she completely drops her head backwards in a blissfully relaxed state of birthing comfort. This is equally as beautiful and powerful in each case. During this birth, Caitie (the mama) did the head dropping back motion as tears came down the side of her face. She held little Jace tightly in her arms and soaked up the moment. This is one of the best moments to observe. It's the moment a woman becomes a mother and her life changes in a matter of seconds. It's a great thing to witness.

I know Caitie and Jordan are going to be wonderful parents and love little Jace more than anything in the world. They had an exceptional Thanksgiving day, with just enough time left over to "watch the game", as they say. Congratulations, guys, and thanks for making my Thanksgiving Day an exciting one! Happy Birthsgiving Jace!