The Birth of Miles

I was excited about this family's VBAC since they hired me last year. There's always a part of me that roots a tiny bit more for a VBAC mom. Birth is hard no matter which way you perform it, but there's a different sort of mental hurdle that VBAC mom's have to face. I get that. So when they called to tell me that they were in active, I let out an excited "YAYY!" while on the phone with my clients husband. I remember getting off the phone thinking "He must think I'm a nut". I had a LOT of fun at this birth, more than I feel like I should have. I left feeling like a member of this family. I left not wanting it to end. I left so glad that this beautiful family chose me to photograph their awesome VBAC and birth of their wonderful new baby boy. I left glad that I got to be near the midwife who birthed my own two children. This was a team of champions. It was such an enjoyable experience all around.

Take a look!