The Baking, Birthing, and Bringing Home Of Baby Trevor

I'm super behind on blogging these days, but I really wanted to spend a little time catching up and posting some shots from this birth that I shot a while back. Actually, I want to share not only the birth, but the entire series of the best shots from the maternity, birth, and newborn stuff that I took. I almost didn't make it to this birth, same as the Doula. We were both speeding down the freeways as fast as we could from Coppell and Farmers Branch. She made it about 5-10 minutes before I did, and when we walked in, the mama was complete. She could have pushed the baby out right then and there, but she really wanted the tub, so she held on as long as she could to get the birth she envisioned. Mothers like this always blow me away. It takes an immense amount of strength to not want to just hurry and push a baby out when you're complete. You just want the pain to go away. Not this mama. It was as if she'd have waited another hour if they promised they'd have a tub ready by then. She was capital D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-E-D. It was amazing to witness. Such a strong mama!

After all was said and done, baby Trevor came home to an older brother and sister who are super in love with him. Congrats to these guys and their amazing family! It was a pleasure.


The Birth of Miles

I was excited about this family's VBAC since they hired me last year. There's always a part of me that roots a tiny bit more for a VBAC mom. Birth is hard no matter which way you perform it, but there's a different sort of mental hurdle that VBAC mom's have to face. I get that. So when they called to tell me that they were in active, I let out an excited "YAYY!" while on the phone with my clients husband. I remember getting off the phone thinking "He must think I'm a nut". I had a LOT of fun at this birth, more than I feel like I should have. I left feeling like a member of this family. I left not wanting it to end. I left so glad that this beautiful family chose me to photograph their awesome VBAC and birth of their wonderful new baby boy. I left glad that I got to be near the midwife who birthed my own two children. This was a team of champions. It was such an enjoyable experience all around.

Take a look!

The Oyakawa Family

These are my people's! This family of 8 is a big ole group of awesomeness. Mom Oyakawa is a friend I met through an online group and we've formed quite a friendship over the last year and some change. She wanted to make some New Years cards for friends and family, so we got together for a little shoot.