The Birth Of Grayson

This was the first baby for this wonderful family. This mama labored beautifully.  I'm an extremely loud birther myself, so when I see mom's who are so composed and beautiful when they labor and deliver, I'm in awe. This dad was amazing too. He became an expert in hip compressions after this one. I think everyone in the room did, except me. 
When Greyson emerged, you could see the emotion wash over the dad. He was so incredibly amazed with what he had just witnessed. He was fully in the moment. Sometimes the dad's response to birth is my favorite. I love the moment they finally get to meet their baby. It's a beautiful moment, indeed.

Big ole boy! The Birth of Evan.

This is the second birth I've shot for this family and 4th boy for this strong mama. This was also a VBAC! Baby Evan came out at a whopping 10 lbs! This hefty lil chunker was a ball of adorable! "He must've been sneaking cheeseburgers in there!" is what this mom said to me after I delivered my son in 2014. I think the same thing applies to this little dude. Us mama's love our lil cheeseburger sneakers.