*All sessions include all of the high resolution, edited images (the ones that make the cut) in JPG format.*


Maternity Session – $300

We pick a great location to play in and photograph for around 2-3 hours. Lets make you look like the gestational goddess you are!

Birth Photography

Birth packages start at $1250. Contact me for more info!

I view birth photography as one of the most important investments you will ever make, but I fully understand how hard it can be to put down that much all at once towards something that hasn’t even happened yet. To help ease your mind, here’s a rundown of just what all you’re getting when you choose to invest in my services:

On Call Priority

This means, that 24 hours a day I’ve got my phone by my side and ringer on high volume. Once your call is received and I’ve determined it is time to go based on status of your labor, I grab my bag and head your way.

Hours of Coverage

I am there from active labor, until you deliver. This involves hours of thinking about the best angles, lighting, and timing of moments to capture. I don’t stop until after you’ve delivered and are getting ready to settle with your new baby. Coverage for all birth packages start at 38 weeks and doesn’t end until I’ve got memory cards full of beautiful images from your birth.

Processing Time

Once the images are captured, I spend hours culling and applying treatments to the images. This is the most time consuming part of the process. This requires about 4 weeks to complete.


“A Day In The Life Of” Newborn Family Session

“Day In The Life Of” Newborn Family Session - $500

My newborn sessions are a bit less traditional, as I currently offer "Day In The Life Of" newborn sessions, where I come to your home and photograph you and your new addition in your natural surroundings. Basically, I follow your family around for a few hours, catching all the little details and family interactions during the newborn stage. These details include things like feeding (breast, bottle, or SNS), swaddling, putting down for nap, adoring, bathing, sibling interactions, or whatever else tends to happen the day I come. Minimal posing (if any) may be done, but its typically preferable to just capture the moments organically, because those are the moments you'll want to remember the most. They take approximately 4 hours to complete.


Breastfeeding Session - $150

You bring a hungry little one and I'll bring my camera! This is more of a mini session, since we only shoot the before, during, and after moments of a nursing session. This generally takes about an hour and can be done in home or outdoors.  These are really fun!

Circle Of Life Plan

This is great for anyone who is interested in booking more than one session through my services. It can be applied to any Maternity, Birth, or Newborn Session and the savings add up over time. After your first session, you receive a 25$ certificate off your next session. Each time after that, when you book a session, that certificate amount doubles and can accumulate to up to $200 off of a session! Births add up twice as fast, and once you've reached the $200 mark, you stay there, meaning it's 200$ off of every session from then on! It's a great deal that adds up to big savings over time.